Thursday, December 18, 2008

Farewell to Bush

As President Bush's term in office is approaching the end, America, Israel and indeed, the world are left facing a resurgent global Islamo-Nazism, Hamas strengthening its rule in the Palestinian territories, the real threat of a nuclear Iran while an inexperienced, naive new President in comes into the White House. To his detractors, Bush will forever be "the devil", no matter that he kept us secure for 7 years (following the 9/11 mass murder), he liberated 30 millions Iraqis from one of history's most despicable maniacs, he increased aid to Africa and committed funds in the fight against AIDS at unprecedented levels and that during his term, 10 millions new jobs have been created and black home ownership was the highest in history...His far left lunatic detractors will always hate the man because he ruled based on his faith and convictions and not based on polls (as his predecessor). But to Jews in general, and Israelis, in particular, Bush epitomized the perfect friend and ally.

When President Bush spoke before Israel’s Knesset on May 15, 2008- the day of the 60th Anniversary of Israel’s creation as a Jewish State-he gave an inspirational speech reflecting on what Israel meant to him, and what its existence means to the United States as a nation. One can say that it was certainly the most pro-Israel speech ever given by an American President.

George W. Bush’s commitment to Israel and his solidarity with the world’s Jews led me to reflect on the great irony that such a high percentage of American Jews are overwhelmingly Democrats, have blindly opposed the policies of the Bush administration and have foolishly followed on the far left road of hatred towards Bush personally...

Noam Neusner, a communications consultant, speechwriter and Jewish liaison for Bush (between 2002-2005) wrote in a recent Op-Ed that "President Bush was more Zionist than many Israelis, more mindful of Jewish history than many Jews." On December 15, President George W. Bush held the annual Hanukkah party at the White House. Although other Presidents have held Menorah lighting ceremonies, President Bush and his wife were the first to hold a party to celebrate the occasion. At the grandiose ceremony where more than 600 Jewish friends and guests were present, the Menorah was lit up by the grandsons of Harry Truman and David Ben Gurion. Fouad Ajami concludes that when President Bush leaves office, his "Diplomacy of Freedom" (responsible for liberating Afghanistan from the Taliban, Iraq from Saddam Hussein, Lebanon from the Syrian army and Qaddafi renouncing his quest for WMD) will be gone probably for ever. I have no doubt that History will judge Bush much more favorably that his present detractors, but until then, I say "Thank You, Mr. President!"